Jumat, 25 November 2011

Benda-benda Paling Kreatif

A selection of some of the best creative design ideas ever.

Crinkled Glass

Something to remind you of your summer picnics with your friends. Made from recycled glass.

The OctoCup

Skull Socket


A razor that fits in your wallet.

Post-it Note Watches

Ironing Board Mirror

Combination of Ironing Board with a Ladder

Double Bag for Products and Shells

Fork with a Twist

The KOKU Cutting Board

Ice Speed Chess Set

HyggeLys Candle with Matchbox

Light Bites

They’re candles with handles.

A Swiss Army Knife with a Built-in Lighter

Pizza Sleeping Bag

Keyboard Case Concept

Dog Leashes


Mini conductive pins that attach to the gloves you already love so you can use electronic touch screen devices, like smartphones and MP3 players, even when it’s below zero.

Photography Mittens with a Shutter Finger Hole

Turtle Shell Backpack

Anonymous Bandana

"I Can’t Hear U" Earphones

Monthly Measure Calendar

Magnet Clock

Sky Umbrella

Sand Imprint Flip Flops


Star Wars Chopsticks

Dumb-Bell Cuttery for Overweight People

Hemp Pendant Lamps

Medusa Pendant Lamps

Lamp Design by Helen Magnusson

Ice Cream Cone Light Bulb

Top Hat Pendant Lights

Metal Pen with Level and Screwdriver

Budweiser USB Flash Drive

Gun Mug

Office Monster

Pocket Chainsaw

Black and Decker SmartSelect Cordless Screwdriver

Bike Rack

Lovers' Gloves

A Mini Kitchen Unit for More Space

Solar Window Charger

A Bowl with the Silhouette of a Cat

A Plate for Children

Multi-functional Shelf

Naho Design Cube 3


Coat Check Chair


Magic Toilet Paper

Carpet Boots

The carpeting inside Paris' "Fnac at La Defense"

Carpet Alarm Clock

The Football Field Carpet

Hopscotch Rugs


Bloody Brain Cap

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